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Venus Fly Trap | ‘Flexx’ Green *new*

Venus Fly Trap | ‘Flexx’ Green *new*

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Carnivorous plants have evolved to digest bugs to get the nutrients they need to survive. These plants can be relatively easy to care for if a certain plant care routine is provided. They do best in acidic and moisture retentive soil mediums like peat moss. They do not like to dry out and they also need rain or distilled water. They are sensitive to higher ph levels that you would find in tap waters along side the minerals. They need direct light 4-6 hours and of course the occasional bug to feast on. Do not use synthetic fertilizers for carnivorous plants and never feed them meat.

For fly traps every time you set their traps off for amusement this draws energy from the plant resulting in death over time. If you ever see the plant put up a flower stalk cut back immediately as this weakens the plant taking it's energy to the flower. Unless you are an experienced grower we recommend to cut back the flower stalks.

  Fly traps are temperate plants and in Calgary the winters get too cold for us to leave the traps out all year round. If your plant starts to die back and you are panicking don’t worry! It’s a sign that the plant is starting to go dormant. Younger plants won’t need this off the start however if they don’t get this rest after a few years they will die completely. 

Watch this video from one of the og carnivorous plant growers on how to do a fridge dormancy.

Botanical name:  Dionacea muscipula

Common name: Venus fly trap Green

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Droseraceae

Genus: Dionea 

Origin: North and South Carolinas

Light: Full Sun  4- 6 hours of direct light per day

Water: Rain or distilled water only. They are sensitive to minerals in water. Filters like Brita only reduce chlorine and not the ppm (parts per million) of the water, however the Zero Water Filter can reduce the ppm to a safe amount for carnivorous plants. Reverse osmosis water can also be a good option! 

Never let these plants dry out they come from bog conditions where they constantly have wet feet. Best to bottom water these plants by keeping them in a pot with drainage holes sitting in a saucer of water. When the saucer dries out refill water. The top soil of the plants should never be allowed to dry out. 

Fertilizer and Soil: It is important to never use traditional soil or fertilizers on these plants. They have evolved to digest insects for the nutrients they need. Venus fly traps require live prey we typically recommend meal worms. They can be kept in the fridge until feeding time and only 1-2 traps need to be fed at a time per month or so. The insect size should be relative to the size of the trap. There are alternative fertilizers some growers have used that have proven to be safe on carnivorous plants like MaxSea that can be put into the pitchers, used as foliar or spray or supplementing the soil water however they are not readily available in Canada. 

Pet Friendly: Yes

Plants in picture will not be exact plant. Plants and pots sold separately. Shipping of plants is weather permitted.




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