Bouquets By The Botanist


Every week on Fridays we release the majority of our hand tied bouquets... #FRESHCUTFRIDAYS. We want to bring the beauty and art of cut flowers to your home for the ultimate enjoyment:)

We try our best to take custom requests, we are a small operation and are not able to take large events or weddings at this time. 

Flowers change with the season and so we draw inspiration from what is available through out the year. In summer we plan on working with local farmers and community gardens.

Bring, Borrow or Buy Vase Program

A raise of hands for someone who has waaaay too many vases at home?! Or perhaps you want to gift some beautiful flowers (for yourself or others), but don't really want the cost of buying the vase? At The Botanist we firmly believe in reusing  what we can so we started our bring, borrow or buy vase program. 

Bring- bring your vase in to us in advance and we can create your arrangement directly into the vase with your requested budget.

Borrow- borrow one of vases and bring back when you can. Total old school honour system here-no deposit or additional fee just trust in our awesome customers to come back and visit again. 

Buy- Some of our vases are a touch special/expensive like our hand painted collections and these bad boys will be available for purchase only!


For special occasions we will often do prebook. This will guarantee a bouquet in your price range, however the exact flowers will always be suspect to change.We always work our hardest to get what customers want within reason and our ability!