We are excited for our upcoming classes at The Botanist open to all witches or warlocks and others wanting to explore and connect with the magic of the earth! This will include things like learning about crystals, energy work, reading tarot, forest bathing mediation, moon candles and more! Dates and classes will be added here as with bookable links/info and descriptions provided.


Cannabliss Yoga

Ongoing classes check here for class dates, times & bookings.

Tuesdays & Fridays

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: CJ @higherlevelyoga

Be amongst the plants while achieving the high-est level of relaxation. Work with cannabis and yoga to zen out. Sometimes sound baths, tarot and other magical things are incorporated into class. Let your breath guide you. More info on


Crystal Grid Workshop

Cost: $55

Date: Friday January 13th

Time: 730PM - 9PM

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: Sam Kirouac @samkirouacsoulhealing

In this class you will make your very own crystal grid board. You will learn the basics of crystal grids and the benefits to having them in your energy work toolkit and using the for any or your intentions you have in life.

They can help with achieving goals, health, memory and focus, relationships, career, spiritual connection, psychic abilities and for calling abundance. This class includes all supplies and you will leave with a fully completed crystal grid board.

Book now here! 


Bake & Make Macrame

Cost: Early Bird $60 after Jan 12 $75 (All materials included)

Date: Thursday January 19th

Time: 715PM - 9PM

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: Amamda @morrison_made_co

Using the infamous knotting techniques for macrame you will create your very own air plant pod decorative macrame hanger. All materials included from string to plant.

Available material colours are natural, grey or black choice made at booking.

Please book directly through @morrison_made_co


Learn To Read Tarot

Cost: $40

Date: Friday January 20th

Time: 730PM - 9PM

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: Cj @higherlevelyoga

Join us for a mystical evening of Tarot where we'll explore the language of symbolism as a map to consciousness. A brief history of Tarots use and an in depth look at the archetypes of the Major Arcana. Learn how to do a general reading for yourself or others. We will top off the evening with a sound bath meditation. Sounds incredible right? Book the evening here. 




Aromatic Rituals of Self-Care: Forest Bathing at Home

Cost: $50

Date: Sunday January 29th

Time: 530PM - 6:30PM

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: Shelagh @1912aromatherapy

Take a forest scent journey with Shelagh Lenon the creator of 1912 Aromatherapy  and create your own aromatic room spray.
  • Learn about forest bathing - what it is and why it's so good for you.
  • Discover six essential oils that evoke spending quiet time relaxing in the presence of conifer trees.
  • Learn how to create a customized forest room spray.
  • Receive a digital winter forest yoga nidra meditation that you can rest with all winter.
You'll leave the workshop with all the ingredients to create a nourishing at-home forest bathing ritual this winter. Book forest bathing now!
Crystal Wand Making: Learn to use polymer clay and painting


Date: Saturday Feb 4th

Time: 530PM - 8:30PM

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: Elena @Plantsart11


In this 3 hour class, you will learn how to use polymer clay, which brands are better and about different sculpting tools. She will teach you how to make your own simple tools as well. She will share the paint that she uses for her polymer creations, and will learn a simple static grass flocking technique.

You will be surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and enjoy amazing energy at The Botanist in this workshop. All materials and supplies are included just bring you!

We will be using rock quartz for the stones. Space is limited to only seven people so make sure to book now to reserve your spot.

**A little note from the artist on why wands and how one can use them:

I personally love the way they look it is a beautiful piece of art. I like placing one in my working area where I can gaze at them enjoy their beauty. Some people use wands for manifestation and crystal energy work. If you are a plant lover, you can also use it as a fancy climbing pool for one of your special green babies! 

Book this class now!


Botanical Dye & Print Fabric

Cost: $60

Date: Saturday February 18th

Time: 530PM - 7:30PM

Location: The Botanist 408 8ave NE

Teacher: Ruby Martin

In this class we will be working with plant materials for Mother Earth to create unique colours and designs on fabrics such as cotton, hemp, wool, linen and more. Using common plants, safe non toxic materials to create beautifully coloured garments and yarn.

Learn to work with mordants to make the fabric colourfast, so that the pigments won't fade as quickly as well as different botanicals to get desired pigments including indigo vats. Create enchanting eco- prints such as; the Japanese Hapa Zone flower method, the advanced blanket method, clay resist and tie dye!

Hands on experience:

  • Together we will prepare a color dye bath for your very own small cloth napkin to take home. All materials provided except for one piece of material/personal item you want to prepare.
  • We will also use fresh flowers to make botanical prints together. 

Please bring a 100% cotton white or light color: table runner, scarf, bandana, tote bag, cloth flag or any other garment that doesn't require frequent washing. Fresh flowers & leaves provided.

Make your own garments book here!