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The Botanist Calgary

Skin Repair Salve

Skin Repair Salve

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A customer favourite. Many clients just like you have tried multiple products and found this to be the cure for their dry, itchy, or cracked skin.

Utilizing beeswax which is high in vitamin  A helping your skin regenerate.It is non-comedogenic and contains humectants which help to promote healthy hydrated skin.   

Using farm-fresh, raw, unfiltered beeswax in combination with herbal infused oils, you get an instant moisturizing remedy, with a sweet scent.  

The texture is a rich, non-greasy formula. You need small amounts to do the trick! Try using before bed on hands, feet and body. Apply as needed for dryer hands.

Great for gardeners, ceramic artists and the like.

Ingredients: Calendula infused oil (grown organically in Ruby's garden), plantain infused oil (Calgary  wildcrafted), olive oil (certified organic), farm fresh raw unfiltered beeswax (from local  beekeepers), and pure lavender essential oiil (organically grown, chemical-free).

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