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West Coast Seeds

Seeds | Wildflowers Prairie Blend

Seeds | Wildflowers Prairie Blend

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The wildflowers in this blend are native to the plains if south-central Canada and the northern United States. They have been specially selected for the Southern Prairies Wildflower Blend. These North American native species thrive in landscapes with cold winters and hot summers, and they once occurred in abundance, mixed with a host of drought tolerant wild grasses. From the bright yellow of Partridge Peas to the intense fiery reds of Indian Blanket, punctuated by the vivid purple of Prairie Aster, this blend looks spectacular in its native landscape, but also in exposed areas on the coast. None of the components are invasive, and all are approved for planting in home gardens. Recommended seeding rate: 225g per 1,000 square feet. We recommend planting in early spring when the ground is still cool and wet.

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Blend Ingredients.

    • Non-invasive
    • Perennials & annuals
    • Amazing colours


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