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Seeds | Tomatoes Indigo Rose

Seeds | Tomatoes Indigo Rose

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Indigo Rose organic tomato seeds produce the most extraordinary, dark purple-skinned tomatoes currently available. The flavour of these tomatoes is clean and clear, reminiscent of plums, with a slightly acidic sweetness you'll only find in home-grown tomatoes. The so-called "saladette" style fruits average 50g (1.7 oz.).

Developed by Jim Myers at the Oregon State University using traditional plant breeding techniques, Indigo Rose Organic tomato seeds are the first improved tomato variety in the world that has the powerful antioxidant anthocyanin in the fruit. Indigo Rose organic tomatoes hang in clusters from vigorous sprawling vines with wild, curly leaves. Plants are hardy and have good disease resistance.

As the fruit matures the skin will become purple where exposed to light and the fruit tends to have a purple crown. This is caused by the antioxidant anthocyanin reacting to the sun. The fruits are ripe when they change from a shiny blue-purple to a dull purple-brown where they are exposed to the sun and green to red where there is no sun exposure. The fruit also softens when ripe.

Indeterminate (Vine)

Matures in 75 days (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Clean, clear flavour
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Indeterminate
    • Open pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 75 days

20 seeds

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