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Seeds | Sunflowers Procut White Lite F1

Seeds | Sunflowers Procut White Lite F1

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Helianthus annuus. Creamy, nearly white petals surround a honey-coloured central disc atop a stem that can reach 2m (6') tall. ProCut White Lite is a pollenless hybrid sunflower for the professional florist trade. As a cut flower it leaves no mess, but it still bears nectar that will attract and feed bees and other pollinators from far and wide. Harvest the blooms just as they begin to open for the longest vase life, or enjoy them in the field where they look incredible in mass plantings. The day-length neutral flowers grow up to 15cm (6") wide on single stems.


    • 15cm (6") wide flowers
    • Long vase life
    • Pollenless
    • Height to 2m (6')
    • Excellent cut flower

25 seeds



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