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Seeds | Sunflowers Incredible

Seeds | Sunflowers Incredible

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Helianthus annuus. This dwarf sunflower grows to a height of 75-100cm (30-40"), making them suitable for beds and borders in small gardens as well as patio containers in sunny spots. This compact, multi-branched sunflower has large leaves and the 22cm (9") blooms have rich, honey centres that are framed by cheery, yellow petals. The flowers bloom over a long season, attracting a host of pollinators. Once the blooms fade, birds will flock to them to feed on their tasty seeds. They are excellent as cut flowers too as they last a long time in vases.


    • Compact sunflower growing to a height of 75-100cm (30-40")
    • 22cm (9") blooms with honey centres and yellow petals
    • Long life as cut flowers
    • Attracts pollinators and birds

1g approx 37-48 seeds

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