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Seeds | Lunaria

Seeds | Lunaria

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Lunaria annua. Brought to America by Puritans, this old heirloom is also known by such colourful names as Judas' Penny and Moonwort. Plant Honesty Lunaria seeds in spring in sun or partial shade and enjoy mauve flowers, followed by distinctive papery seedpods. These start out flat, circular, and green, but become silvery white and paper-like as they mature, making excellent dried displays. The seeds are easy to harvest from within each pod for seed saving and sharing. Lunaria grows to about 90cm (35") tall, and makes a good mate for Foxgloves in shady areas of the garden.

Started early enough indoors, Honesty will flower in the first year, hence "annual." Sown later, it will not flower in the first year and behave as a biennial. It is a good example of plants that do not follow the conventional "rules" we attribute to gardening.


    • Heirloom
    • Mauve flowers
    • Excellent in dried displays
    • Easy to grow
    • Grows in partial shade

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