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Seeds | Eucalyptus Baby Blue Spiral

Seeds | Eucalyptus Baby Blue Spiral

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One of the most popular for flower arrangements and bouquets, this eucalyptus uniquely retains its rounded juvenile leaves into maturity. A waxy white powder covers the fragrant blue leaves and stems, which helps to extend the vase life of cuttings and gives them an ash grey bloom. Fully grown, they can reach 6m (20') tall but are often pruned smaller to grow as shrubs/small trees. In containers, they typically grow 120-180cm (4-6') tall. This deer resistant tender perennial is hardy to Zone 7 in sunny, protected spots, but best moved indoors over winter.

Tender Perennial

    • Fragrant, round blue leaves
    • Deer resistant
    • Great cut flower
    • Can reach 6m (20') tall at full maturity, but grows 120-180cm (4-6') tall in containers
    • Suitable for indoor growing
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