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Seeds | Cucumbers Tasty Green

Seeds | Cucumbers Tasty Green

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Tasty Green cucumber seeds produce vigorous vines bearing long English cucumber fruits up to 30cm (12") in length. Allow the sweet tasting, burpless fruits to hang as they grow by providing a strong trellis for each plant. Tasty Green is productive in raised beds or in containers in the greenhouse, but keep the plants picked to extend the harvest period. This was the first long English hybrid slicing cucumber to be bred for "burplessness," meaning that it is easy to digest. Many sources refer to it as Burpless Tasty Green F1. For containers, use three to five gallons with fertile soil and excellent drainage.

Matures in 65 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Sweet and mild
    • Long and burpless
    • 30cm (12")
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 65 days

.5g approx 18 seeds

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