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Potato Seed **PREORDER**| GemStar Russet Organic

Potato Seed **PREORDER**| GemStar Russet Organic

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Potato seeds have been made available for *PRE ORDER* only becoming available in April 2024. Please note that even with preorder purchases availability can change due to various reasons. We do our best to fulfil all preorders and in the event that the product is unable to be fulfilled a full refund will be issued to the credit card used for purchase. Exact dates of arrival are not known, as soon as product arrives all orders will be shipped, delivered or marked ready for pickup depending on what was chosen for order fulfilment.

This russet variety makes an excellent potato for baking and frying. It has found to have more vitamin C content compared to other cultivars. It makes a great potato for processing and decent storage life. They are a high yielding 'tater with a mid to late harvest schedule and good disease resistance. If you love french fries this would be the go to 'tater to grow!

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