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Life Junkie

Perfume Rollers | Life Junkie

Perfume Rollers | Life Junkie

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From The Brand:

We love infusing more of our world with more goodness, delightful scents and good vibes and have created more products to being this to life.

We are excited to share our perfume scent rollers

  • amber glass (10mL)

  • fractionated coconut oil,

  • skin safe phthalate free fragrance & essential oil blends

The Scent Roller collection we are welcoming first is the Boho Collection:

Dusk - rich, lux, warm cashmere & orange
Gold Skies - exotic musk, gold clay, ginger
Sunburst - juicy & bright sweet orange & tangy chili
Moon Glow - (my fav) rich, intoxicating warm tobacco, vanilla, grapefruit
Kismet - lux and warm amber, ginger and clove
Offshore - wild fresh & free with fresh ocean & driftwood notes
Wander - warm, outdoorsy and fresh - fig, amber & light pine notes
Twilight - a soothing, warm, rich scent with tabac, suede & cedar

Boho Collection
I created the Boho Collection from a place of reflection, optimism, love and some wild & colourful dreams.

To me, Boho or a Bohemian lifestyle symbolizes artists and truth tellers who dare to live an unconventional lifestyle and who are always in the company of like-minded people. Boho is about being free spirited, going with the flow yet standing loudly in your truth.

You are proud of who you are and often dare to be different, all the while maintaining a sense of community.

I love the feeling of this and when I envisioning this way of life, the spirit of boho; it became several stops along a beautiful and vibrant journey in my mind. I created the scents in this collection as part of travels that I have been on and travels I have yet to see with my own eyes.
I hope you enjoy all of these.


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