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Panadus Screw Pine

Panadus Screw Pine

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Sharp leaves! 

Despite the name, the Screw Pine is actually not a pine, and its name comes from its leaves’ slight resemblance to those of a pineapple. Though these leaves spiral nicely, they have rows of sharp, hooked spines running up the sides that can be nasty to touch. This is a good plant for an office or a big house: consider placing it in a corner so people don’t prick themselves on its sharp leaves.​

The pine can live for up to fifteen years, and as it ages its roots will begin to protrude from the soil around the specimen’s base: these roots can be buried again upon repotting. 

Light: Lots of direct light is good, but the plant can survive dappled shade as well.

Water: Water it thoroughly but sporadically. Its soil can be allowed to dry on the top layer, but should never dry out completely. P. veitchii needs more water during its growing season in summer, after which its water can be scaled back.

Pets: No, toxic and unsafe leaves

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Pandanaceae

Genus: Panadus

Botanical name: Panadus veitchii

Common name: Variegated Screw Pine

Plants in picture will not be exact plant.

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