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Garlic | Music Hardneck

Garlic | Music Hardneck

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Sweet, hot & pungent. This is a porcelain,  heritage variety (meaning the variety has been cultivated for over 50 years, heritage is a term more so used in the UK to reference that it is heirloom and has cultural or ethnic history to it)

Music bulbs are spicy when raw , but when cooked they become more mellow with heat and great aromatics. 

Most garlic is noted for its anti oxidant allicin which Music holds in high numbers. This type of garlic was believed to be brought over from Italy in the 80's and name after Al Music who used to grow tobacco and converted to growing garlic. Ever since it's introduction to Canada it has kept popularity and you will see in many grocery stores and    festivals across the country.

We are stocking JUMBO cloves of Music this season.

Heirloom Variety

Zone: 2

Difficulty : Easy

Storage life : Up to 6 months

Deer resistant: Yes

Please note that when harvesting there may be discrepancies in what is available. We will do our best to fulfil orders. Once garlic has arrived we will notify customers that pre-purchased garlic orders for pickup. 

 1 bulb $5

1 pound approx 6 bulbs

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