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MOSSify | Garden Utility Shears SLIM

MOSSify | Garden Utility Shears SLIM

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🌿 For your general pruning needs 😊 Introducing our Slim Garden Utility Shears, a vital addition to any horticultural collection. With their elongated, slim, and pointy design, these shears serve as the ultimate tool for expert garden trimming.

Crafted for the meticulous handling of old leaves, weakened branches, and flourishing vines, they cater to the needs of high-volume operations.

• Size: 8.5" tall x 2" wide, with a 4" blade;

• Ergonomic wooden handle;

• For indoors or outdoors use;

• Perfect for both left and right-handed users;

• Safety prioritized with a built-in locking mechanism;

• Ideal for vines, stems, branches.

The standout feature of our Slim Garden Utility Shears lies in its long, slender, stainless steel blades. The design enables precise cuts and seamless management of foliage and vines. Paired with an ergonomic wooden handle, they ensure a secure and comfortable grip for extended use, boosting productivity and reducing strain. Order yours now!

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