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Seeds | Lettuce Darkness Lola Rossa

Seeds | Lettuce Darkness Lola Rossa

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Darkness looseleaf lettuce seeds are a Lolla Rossa type. The incredibly dense, frilly leaves are green with deep, deep red edges. The stiff frills help to separate other leaves in salads as well as adding a lovely red colour. This variety should do well in low light conditions. Its small leaves are perfect for garnishes. Add contrast to your lettuce bed with this tasty and remarkable lettuce. For ultimate economy, try planting one seed in each cell of a 72-cell Plug Insert. Once the seedlings are ready for transplant, you can use a short piece of 1/4" dowel (or even a pencil) to pop each lettuce out of the tray. They can then be planted at precise spacing, which does away with thinning and waste.

Matures in 30 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Looseleaf
    • Dense frilly leaves with deep red edges
    • Does well in low light conditions
    • Open pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 30 days
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