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Rosebud | Ribbed Hanging Planters 3D Printed

Rosebud | Ribbed Hanging Planters 3D Printed

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Innovative design on these hanging planters solving your leaking water and accessibility issues. A unique mesh drainage system with a two layer mechanism to keep your plants and soil elevated above water without leaking.

Includes 6 feet of high quality twine and 3 feet of hanging range. We stock two sizes and three different go to colours, but for special requests please let us know!

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, these 3D printed planters are a guilt-free addition to your greenery collection.

Durable & Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions, our 3D printed hanging planters are built to last and keep Each planter is made to order and has unique features. Some imperfections are normal, please remember this.

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