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Seeds | Helenium Autumn Sneezeweed

Seeds | Helenium Autumn Sneezeweed

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Helenium autumnale. Its native range extends from Northwest Territories to California and Florida. As a garden perennial it is an easy and dependable late summer bloomer, and an important food source for end-of-the-season pollinators such as bumble bees preparing for over wintering. Autumn Sneezeweed seeds produce plants that grow to 130cm (51") tall, each bearing as many as 100 bright yellow flowers in a branched array. Keep spent flowers picked, and don't let the soil dry out completely during the growing season. Helenium looks sensational mixed with the shocking red flowers of Crocosmia. Support unruly stems with twigs stuck into the soil, or with flower support netting.


.25g of seed

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