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Steel Large Hedge Trimmers | Garden Guru

Steel Large Hedge Trimmers | Garden Guru

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Cut, Trim & Prune: With these 15 inch hedge shears, cutting your branches, hedges, shrubs, bushes, boxwood, plants, flowers and trees is easy, thanks to High Carbon Steel Blades and Comfortable Grips.

Keep your bushes and trees healthy and pretty!

Comfortable Non-Slip Handles: Soft grips are designed for maximum comfort and functionality. Great for small and large hands.

Hardened Steel Blades: Forged with manganese and high carbon steel for strength and durability, the blades stay sharp to produce smooth clean cuts every time for healthy plants.

Ideal Weight & Balance: Shorter handles allow for trimming closer to the body at an optimal cutting angle for precise cuts. These shears are lightweight and easy to maneuver so you can garden and landscape without worrying about blisters, hand, or shoulder fatigue.

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