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West Coast floral

Fittonia | Verschaffeltii Pink 4”

Fittonia | Verschaffeltii Pink 4”

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Also known as "nerve plant" for its intricate line work on the foliage.  This low growing  creeper plant is a great choice for terrariums and bathrooms since they love humidity. Keep constantly moist and consider using a peat mix in your potting soil for water retention.

Light: Medium to low light. Too much light will bleach out the colour of veins on leaves.

Water: Check the top of the soil for moistness. You don't want it to be sopping wet but when the top of soil feels dry to touch is a good time to give a bit of water.

Pets: Ingestion of plant is mildly toxic.

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Acanthaceae

Genus: Fittonia

Botanical Name: Fittonia albivenis

Common name: Nerve Plant 

Plants in picture will not be exact plant.

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