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Bios Nutrients

Fertilizer| Bios Nutrients Yucca Extract

Fertilizer| Bios Nutrients Yucca Extract

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Do you love your plants? 🌵

Our yucca extract is truly a magical product that is essential for any plant lover! It is something we have been using here at Bios for over 8 years and we would never go without it again. 

What Does It Do?

- Helps water stick to leaves which makes foliar sprays way more effective. 🚿
- Works as a natural pest repellent! 🦟
- Keeps soil & moss hydrated (Essential for moss poles!) 💦
- Increases nutrient absorption so your plants can grow faster 💚

How To Use The Magical Potion:
- Mix .25ml (1/16 tsp) of yucca extract per litre of water. It will never burn plants if you use more!
- Stir in, or shake well. It should get really nice and foamy. 

You've done it! 👏🏽

You can now spray your leaves/moss, water your plants, or even soak your cuttings!

Use with every watering, and as needed for foliar applications!

*Contains 50% extract of Yucca Scidigera (~10% Saponins)
*Makes 35 gallons worth of product! 😯

Detailed Benefits:

Foliar Sprays
- Allows water to coat the entire leaf surface instead of beading off (example in product pictures) making foliar sprays much more effective. Combine with our Pro-Biotic for best results!
- Can easily be mixed with essential oils to create an effective natural insecticide.
- Increases a plant's tolerance to UV & heat stress. 


- Increases water absorption through the roots, ultimately increasing nutrient absorption.
- Easily rehydrates hydrophobic growing mediums (anything with peat products), and prevents growing mediums from becoming hydrophobic.
- Feeds beneficial microbes.
- Balances pH levels.
- Washes away salt build up on roots. 
- Keeps soil healthy and free of pathogens.

Seed Treatment (Soak with 10% solution)

- Prevents fungal growth and seed borne pathogens from harming young plants.
- Increases root emergence
- Increases overall plant height & development
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