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Bios Nutrients

Fertilizer | Bios Natural Plant Fertilzer 90g

Fertilizer | Bios Natural Plant Fertilzer 90g

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What is Bios Fertilizer and what is it made from?

Packed full of good bacteria for plants, Bios is a natural fertilizer for plants that contains billions of healthy bacteria & fungi. Our plant products are made with 100% organic ingredients all housed in a beautiful compostable bag (yes, it really is fully compostable!).

How does Bios natural fertilizer for indoor plants and gardens work? 🤔

Bios natural fertilizer for plants is full of microbes and beneficial bacteria. Through photosynthesis (leaves absorbing the sweet rays of the sun), roots release food in the form of sugars, (starches, proteins, etc), basically, all the ingredients needed to bake a cake 🎂. Microbes like bacteria & fungi love "cake" and will be attracted to your roots. As they eat their delicious pieces of cake, they poop out fertilizer your plants can absorb 24/7! This is how plants have fertilized themselves for millions of years and Bios recreates this for your plant babies. 💚

Benefits of Bios Nutrients eco-friendly fertilizer :

  • NEVER burn your plants again!
  • New growth with much larger leaves.
  • Plants will become naturally pest resistant over time.
  • Less disease.
  • Increased water retention enabling you to water your plants less.
  • Safe for pets
  • How do I use Bios organic fertilizer? 

    1. Sprinkle on top of your soil (1 tablespoon per 6" pot, 2 tablespoons per 12" pot, etc.) once per month for fast growing plants, and every other month for slow growing plants. If you are mixing soil for repotting, mix Bios directly into the soil at 1/4 cup per gallon of soil. *NOTE: If growing in a high humidity environment, mix Bios into top layer of soil or use as amendment only.
    2. Wait until plants need watering and then water thoroughly. 
    3. 2-3 days after watering, you'll notice a white fuzz growing! This is healthy fungi 🍄. If you don't see the fuzz right away, it's still working! The microbes are activated by water and will find their way to your roots. 
    4. Watch the magic happen 💫 Your soil is now alive and your plants will thank you with new growth in no time. 
    5. *Immunocompromised? READ BELOW ↓
      Bios is inoculated with beneficial microorganisms, but soil is home to trillions of microbes that will feed on our fertilizer as well. We recommend using Bios as a soil amendment only, and avoid having activated fungi on the surface of your soil. 

      Our plant food is handmade in Guelph, Ontario Canada.

    6. Don't forget to compost your bag! ♻️

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