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Fresh Eucalyptus | Shower bundles

Fresh Eucalyptus | Shower bundles

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Enjoy fresh eucalyptus in the shower or in a vase . Shower bundles can last up to 2 weeks in the shower and 3-4 weeks in a vase of water. We use baby blue eucalyptus which has one of the strongest aromatic scents in the eucalyptus  family.Forest Bundles consist both of fresh baby blue and also Carolina sapphire which adds a piney, coniferous scent- absolutely delectable.

Stem prices for fresh eucalyptus varies from week to week. Stems cost $3-$5 dollars and we always choose the largest stems for our bundles. 

Please not the fresh eucalyptus and the essential oil of eucalyptus vary in strength greatly. You will only notice light notes with fresh bundles in comparison to the strong effects of any oil or concentrate forms.

*These items are perishable, when buying online they must be picked up within 24 hours. No refunds for fresh cuts not picked up in timely manner. If you want to purchase for a future date please let use know upon completed order to make sure you get the freshest product. You you also choose our  delivery service  within Calgary and area.


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