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Seeds | Zinnias Sanguinea Cupcake

Seeds | Zinnias Sanguinea Cupcake

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Enjoy the three complementary Cupcake colours in a single blend. We've mixed Lemon, Orange and Sanguinea into the Cupcake Blend to make the most of these spectacular cut flowers. Zinnias are not hard to grow, and they offer so much in return. The tufted tops of the exotic looking 'Scabiosaflora' add structure to an already stunning blend of colours. The cut and come again plants just keep sending out more branches and buds right through summer into the cool weather of September. Deadheading keeps the plants productive. The seeds can be started indoors or direct sown — they are very easy to grow.


    • All three colours in one
    • Excellent cut flowers
    • Height to 75cm (30")

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