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Seeds | Mexican Torch

Seeds | Mexican Torch

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Tithonia rotundifolia. Mexican Torch seeds produce exceedingly bright orange flowers atop massive plants that grow to 1.8m (6') in just a few months. Tithonia does not produce edible flowers, and is not a true sunflower. Grown in large containers (3-5 gallons minimum), plants will stay more compact, growing only to 60cm (24") tall. Tithonia is highly attractive to pollinators, including hummingbirds, and looks great when planted in big clumps or rows. The seeds are easy to collect and dry for future planting, and the massive stalks from the plants can be used for trellising peas or pole beans the following year. Mexican Torch won an AAS Award in 1951.


    • Hardy annual
    • Large, bright orange flowers
    • Grow in large containers
    • Grows 1.8m (6') tall
    • Tithonia rotundifolia
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