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Seeds | Wildflowers Beneficial Insect Blend

Seeds | Wildflowers Beneficial Insect Blend

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Different flowers attract different sorts of insects. The flowers in this blend of Beneficial Insect Blend wildflower seeds were selected to attract predatory insects such as lacewings, hover flies, and ladybird beetles. With a healthy population of these insects in your garden, pest species like aphids, thrips, and caterpillars will be controlled naturally. This blend also attracts generalist pollinators that will increase yields in fruiting plants from peppers to peas. Feeding a healthy and diverse insect population is the best general way to encourage garden health and control the insects that cause the most obvious garden problems.
Recommended rate of application: 198g per 1,000 square feet.

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Blend Ingredients.

    • Flowers selected to attract predatory insects
    • Attracts lacewings, hover flies and ladybird beetles
    • Controls aphids, thrips, and caterpillars
    • Control insects naturally
    • Recommend 198g per 1000 sq. ft.

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