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Seeds | Wildflowers Bumble Bee Blend

Seeds | Wildflowers Bumble Bee Blend

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Several of the forty six species of North American bumble bees find themselves in peril due to loss of habitat and forage. Planting diverse species of nectar-rich flowers is one of the best strategies for pollinator conservation. The Bumble Bee Wildflower Blend is a selection of annual and perennial flowers that will attract and feed these important pollinators from early spring to the end of their season. The nectar rich flowers in this selection cater to long-tongued bees, as well as butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. The mix grows to a maximum height of around 90cm (36") tall, and is hardy in Zones 4 through 8. It will work in larger containers but does best in full sun.

Wildflowers and Regionality

Blend Ingredients

    • Annuals and perennials
    • Hardy to Zone 4
    • Extended bloom period
    • Pollinator conservation


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