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Seeds | Tomatoes La Roma

Seeds | Tomatoes La Roma

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Wow! Exceptionally early heavy yields of nicely flavoured 85-113g (3-4oz.) Roma tomatoes on a vigorous and uniform plants. La Roma tomato seeds are perfect for sauces, or home made tomato paste. This is our most popular Roma tomato. Try La Roma in a greenhouse or under a cloche cover, and you'll get a huge haul of tomatoes that come in a fairly concentrated set. This is particularly nice for growers wanting to can their harvest. The plants do not get too large, so they work well in large containers.

Resistant to Fusarium wilt race 1; Fusarium wilt race 2; Verticillium wilt; and Tomato Mosaic virus.

Bush (determinate), Matures in 80 days. (hybrid seeds)

    • Exceptionally early, heavy yields of  fruits
    • Perfect for sauces or tomato paste
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Bush (determinate)
    • Matures in 80 days

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