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Tomatoes | Medusa Certified Organic | Seeds

Tomatoes | Medusa Certified Organic | Seeds

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Vine. Medusa was bred to have the appearance and flavour of heirloom tomatoes but with reduced cracking and cat-facing. Vigorous vines with good disease resistance produce large, juicy, 340g (12 oz) purple tomatoes with green shoulders. Expect a complex sweet/savoury flavour plus a hint of smokiness that black heirloom tomatoes are famous for. Medusa also boasts high resistance to Verticillium Wilt and intermediate resistance to Root Knot Nematodes and Late Blight. 


    • Heirloom appearance and flavour
    • High Resistance to Verticillium Wilt
    • Intermediate Resistance to Root Knot Nematodes, Late Blight
    • Vine (Indeterminate)

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