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Bootstrap Farmer

5" Square Coloured Pot Seed Starting

5" Square Coloured Pot Seed Starting

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Start your garden off right this year with these reusable, 5-inch seedling pots from Bootstrap Farmer. Thoughtfully designed with vegetable and flower gardeners in mind, these durable 5" pots are the perfect size for up-potting tender seedlings.

Included insert is designed to fit perfectly in a 1020-deep tray (not included). This insert hugs the seed-starting pots and prevents them from tipping over. Inserts can easily be lifted out of the 1020 tray if excess moisture needs to be drained. These seed-starting pots are heavy-duty and designed to last multiple seasons and plantings. Individual pots are also available without inserts.


  • Dimensions- 5-1/8" x 5-1/8" x 6"
  • Designed to work with 1020 heavy-duty trays
  • 8 starter pots and included insert fit in a 1020 for easy transport
  • Won't break or warp when filled with material
  • Superior Drainage
  • Usa Made Pots
  • Made from BPA free, food-safe #5 PP plastic
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