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Seeds | Nastursiums Tip Top Alaska Salmon

Seeds | Nastursiums Tip Top Alaska Salmon

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All the nasturtiums in the Tip Top Alaska series have attractive, mottled foliage and flowers that are held up, over the leaves. Sow Tip Top Alaska Salmon nasturtium seeds in containers or raised beds, or between rows in your organic vegetable garden. This variety grows very compact, without the trailing stems of some other nasturtiums. The edible flowers of this nasturtium are a soft salmon pink colour. This contrasts nicely against brighter flowers, and looks fabulous against the dark purple flowers of Lobelia or the blue of Cynoglossum flowers. This hardy annual is drought tolerant, so useful in water conserving xeriscaping schemes.


    • Hardy annual
    • Soft, salmon coloured flowers
    • For edging annual beds
    • Edible flowers
    • Easy to grow

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