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Leila & Olive

Pythia Botanica Oracle Volume II

Pythia Botanica Oracle Volume II

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From the artist:

Pythia Botanica Oracle Volume II

Seven years ago, in a garden far, far away the Pythia Botanica Oracle would bloom. This botanical, tea-stained dream was a first of its kind, sprouting up from flowerbeds to the cards, to a plant magic deck that would guide myself and so many of us through a half decade of truths.

Now the Anniversary brings a sequel to the deck that started it all... Volume II is a full expansion pack, blooming with 48 all new cards, plants, flowers, and guidebook

The Pythia Botanica Oracle Volume II includes:

 48 hand-illustrated and tea-stained botanical Oracle cards featuring all new plants and blooms.

Beautiful, durable cards with Antique Gold gilded edges.

 A bound guidebook that fits inside the box, with instructions on how to read with the deck, corresponding botanical illustrations and thoughtfully written meanings.

 A sturdy, two piece box to carry the Pythia Botanica Oracle Volume II and guidebook wherever you may travels


The Pythia Botanica Oracle artwork, design, and writings are the original works and property of ©2021 Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive. All rights reserved.

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