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The Botanist Calgary

Bonsai Planters 10” Glazed Ceramic

Bonsai Planters 10” Glazed Ceramic

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Various shapes of glazed ceramic pots and saucers. Great choice for bonsai, succulents, cacti or the like!

Composed of high quality ceramic material with a smooth finish for long lasting durability. These bonsai planters will invite fresh vibes into any room placed. Footed with drainage holes that absorbs improves air circulation and holds water in a balanced level.


Rectangle: 3.50" W x 2.75" D x 1.25"

Oval: 4" W x 2.50" D x 1.25" H

Circle: 3" Dia x 1.75" H

Oblong: 3" W x 2.25" D x 1.50" H

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