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Seeds | Lettuce Arroyo

Seeds | Lettuce Arroyo

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Arroyo Organic lettuce is one of the most upright of all the romaines, with a V-shaped base. This makes it one of the best choices for producing blanched hearts-of-romaine. It also comes with an incredible disease resistance package, making it a top choice for spring and fall romaine production. The vase shaped heads have savoyed leaves with scalloped margins that continue to grow straight up rather than curving inward at the top. This crunchy, flavorful lettuce is resistant to downy mildew (races 16-27, 29, 32), lettuce mosaic virus, lettuce necrotic stump virus, and tomato bush stunt virus.

Matures in 65 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Certified organic
    • Terrific hearts of romaine
    • Disease resistant
    • Matures in 65 days 

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