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Kanso Designs

Kanso | Tapered Pot & Saucer

Kanso | Tapered Pot & Saucer

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The tapered pot from Kanso comes in a range of colours. The original white stone, tatami sand, terracotta, olive, beechwood and muted coral. For a contemporary look, pair full foliage plants like pothos, syngonium, or peperomia raindrop.

Made with recycled plastics, the finished product is combined with materials like natural stone and wood to completely change the nature of plastic into a green composite material. As each planter is the result of handcrafted finishes, each piece also contains its own personality and unique details.


Recycled Plastic | Natural Stone | Wood Dust Porous Hand Finished Details

Drainage hole & Plug: Yes

Indoor/Outdoor Use Frost Proof -50C - 100C

Plant not included**

Planter Measurements:

4" 4.75in Width x 4.75in Height (4.25in Opening Diameter | 3in Bottom Diameter) Saucer Measurements: 4.65in Diameter x 0.7in Height

6" Planter Measurements: 6.3in Width x 5.5in Height (5.75in Opening Diameter) Saucer Measurements: 6.45in Diameter x 1in Height

8" Planter Measurements: 7.85in Width x 7.1in Height (7.35in Opening Diameter)

9"  Planter: 9in Width x 7.85in Height (8.5in Opening Diameter)


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