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Seeds | Kalette Autumn Star

Seeds | Kalette Autumn Star

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Kalettes are a new hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts, bred using traditional techniques. Like Brussels sprouts, the kalettes form along the stem of each plant, but they are open like miniature kale plants, rather than closed like sprouts. Each one is about 5cm (2") in diameter, and they can be harvested for fresh raw eating, or cooked as an exciting new side dish. Try them steamed or briefly sautéed, or toss them into soups and stir-fries. Autumn Star is the earliest of the kalettes to mature. Expect plants the same size and shape as Brussels sprouts or mature kale. The ideal harvest time is in the fall, during cooler weather: Transplant in May or mid-June for the best results.

Matures in 110 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Bicolour purple and green
    • Kalettes form along the stems
    • Stunning addition to the garden
    • Matures in 110 days



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