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Seeds | Decorative Kale Crane Feather Queen

Seeds | Decorative Kale Crane Feather Queen

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Crane Feather Queen is an F1 hybrid kale bred specifically for use as a cut flower in winter bouquets and flower arrangements. Deeply cut, frilly leaves in silvery grey surround a rosette of interior leaves that become a deep, dark pink in response to cold weather. The annual plants for a single, upright stem 50- 90cm (20-36") tall, depending on timing. Sow the seeds in flats in mid- to late summer, and transplant out with the protection of lightweight row cover when the seedlings have two to three true leaves. We recommend the use of flower netting to keep the stems straight and upright. In 90-120 days the stalks will be ready for cutting and the leaves will be ready for amazing flower arrangements. Tight spacing encourages taller growth. Once the plants are 25cm (10") tall, begin to remove the lowest leaves to encourage thinner stems. These are technically edible, and may become sweeter after frost.

Grow with the companion product Crane Feather King for contrast and added charm.

    • Cold hardy
    • Exotic cut flowers
    • Single, upright stems
    • Hybrid seeds 

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