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MOSSify | Mister Bottle

MOSSify | Mister Bottle

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Tired of using a manual mister? 🤔 At Mossify, we have the best rechargeable continuous water mister on the market and we are proud of it. 🏆 The Mossify mistr™ is the ultimate solution for plant lovers who want to raise humidity around their indoor plants! Our mistr™ is rechargeable, automatic, and continuous, making it the perfect addition to any indoor garden. Give plants the mist they want, and bring back some natural mist to them. Recreate the rainforest with this ultra fine mist! 💦 The continuous misting function ensures that plants receive the right amount of moisture, without over-saturating the soil.
Measurements: 📏 Box: 4" X 4" X 12" mistr: 3.3" x 11.2"

Volume: 750ml

Power Source: 2000mAh

Material: Non-toxic ABS Stock up on our Mossify mistr™ today and offer your customers an innovative plant mister for their indoor gardens. With its rechargeable and automatic features, it's a game-changer for any plant lover looking to raise humidity around their green girls! 🪴

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