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Seeds | Flowers Forget Me Nots

Seeds | Flowers Forget Me Nots

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Cynoglossum amabile. Simple, tiny, indigo blue flowers are massed in clusters on well behaved, bushy plants. Direct sow Chinese Forget-Me-Nots Cynoglossum amabile seeds in the fall or early spring, and the fast growing plants will put on a show very early in the season, blooming from April to June. Cut the seed heads after flowering is finished, or this plant will self sow enthusiastically. It's okay if this happens, as the spring show is so welcome, and afterwards the plants die back and are hardly noticeable. This variety resists mildew well and grows to 45cm (18") tall. It works well in containers and window boxes and will bloom even in partial shade.


    • Hardy annual
    • Clear, indigo blue flowers
    • Cynoglossum amabile
    • Blooms longer than other varieties
    • Germinate in 5-10 days

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