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Seeds | Cornflower Tall Mixed

Seeds | Cornflower Tall Mixed

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Centaurea cyanus. A mix of purple, blue, pink, and white papery blossoms bring summer colour to the garden. Try planting some Tall Mixed Cornflowers in a big clump at the edge of the yard for stunning summer colour. They are an excellent cut flower and they dry well, looking fresh for ages. Cornflowers are highly attractive to pollinators and beneficial insects like Syrphid flies. The flowers are edible, and the plants are drought resistant for xeriscaping. Deadhead spent flowers to prolong the bloom period, and to keep plants looking tidy. Tall Mixed Cornflowers seeds are easy to save from year to year.


    • Hardy annual
    • Purple, blue, pink and white
    • Attracts beneficial insects
    • Excellent cut flower
    • Dries well, looking fresh for ages


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