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Seeds | Dianthus Sweetness

Seeds | Dianthus Sweetness

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Dianthus plumarius. Sweetness Dianthus seeds are the Fleuroselect award winning variety and much loved for their ability to produce flowers in the first year of growth. The variable, frilled, pink to white flowers appear from July to October atop stems that grow only 15cm (6") tall. Try it in containers or raised beds. Dianthus is quite drought tolerant, so it is a good option for xeriscaping. This variety of Dianthus is easy to grow from seeds. Mulch in winter if really cold weather is expected, or simply grow it as an annual with new seeds each spring. Hardy to Zone 3.


    • Perennial, but flowers in the first year
    • Compact dwarf variety
    • Extremely variable flowers
    • Fleuroselect Award Winner
    • Blooms July to October

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