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West Coast Seeds

Seeds | Mint Wild Bergamot

Seeds | Mint Wild Bergamot

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Monarda fistulosa. Commonly known as Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot is a wildflower that produces blooms that vary in shades from pink to lavender. These flowers appear in July and August above stout, strong stems bearing scented leaves. Wild Bergamont is unrelated to the bergamot citrus fruit that lend Earl Grey tea its distinct flavour, but the leaves are excellent in tea, with peppery/lemony/minty notes. Plants grow to a height of 60-90cm (24-36"), and those that don't survive as perennials in Coastal gardens will likely self-sow. All bergamots are highly attractive to beneficial pollinators like butterflies and wild bees. Hummingbirds will stage territorial fights to stake their claims over a wild bergamot plant in full bloom.

    • Highly attractive to pollinators
    • Flowers vary from pink to lavender
    • Commonly known as bee balm
    • Grows to height of 60-90cm (24-36")


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