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Banana | Red Tiger

Banana | Red Tiger

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The ideal location is a spot that will get direct sunlight, such as a room with a sunny window or in the backyard away from shade. A banana tree can still survive under partial sun, but that may slow the growth of an otherwise easy-to-grow plant.


Water the tree often to keep the soil continuously damp but not waterlogged or muddy. The watering frequency will depend on if you planted the tree in the ground or in a pot—house plants in pots will dry out quicker than ones in the ground. Expect to water the plant every two to three days. If your tree is potted, ensure the pot has drainage holes to allow excess water to escape.


Maintain the soil quality by fertilizing every two months with a 6-2-12 fertilizer. This type of fertilizer contains 6% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, and 12% potassium. The higher concentration of nitrogen and potassium allows for a greener plant and a quality fruit yield. Apply the fertilizer immediately before watering so that the nutrients reach the cavendish root system.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Musaceae

Genus: Musa

Botanical name: Musa sikkimensis

Common name: Banana red tiger

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