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Seeds | Grass White Pampass

Seeds | Grass White Pampass

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Cortaderia selloana. This familiar ornamental grass takes three years to reach maturity from seed, but the end result is magnificent. A fountain of soft blue-grey foliage erupts from the centre of a massive clump. Above this, from late summer right into winter stand the distinctive, feathery panicles up to 3m (10') high. White Pampas Grass makes a bold statement wherever it is planted, and can be used as an architectural feature in garden design, anchoring or framing garden spaces. The inflorescences are fantastic as dry or fresh cut flowers.

Use 50 seeds per two foot diameter planting to create the dense clump look. Simply press the seeds lightly into moist soil indoors or direct sown. The seeds need light to germinate, so avoid covering them. The leaves of this fast-growing grass have sharp edges. White Pampas Grass is hardy to Zone 7, but can be overwintered in cooler zones by mulching over the roots in winter.

    • Good for cut flowers
    • Good for dried flowers
    • Height to 3m (10')
    • Drought tolerant


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