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Genuine Bodycare

Citrus + Mint Shower Steamers

Citrus + Mint Shower Steamers

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Energize your next shower by adding one of these citrus + mint shower steamers! Pairs well with our fresh shower bundles!

Packed with cooling menthol and the pure citrus essential oils it will fizz away as you wash, scrub and rinse, releasing the aromas into the steam.

Comes in a pack of 2. Each shower steamer is about 3 ounces (approx. 85g each.) You can crack each tablet in half and get 2 uses out of each one for a total of 4 per bundle.

How to use: Start your shower and allow it to heat up, place your shower steamer in an area that will allow it to get wet and activate but not wash away. A ledge or shelf are ideal. Sprinkle a little water onto the steamer to activate it and release the essential oils into the air. Stand back, relax & enjoy.

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