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Seeds | Carrots Volcano

Seeds | Carrots Volcano

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Growers and home gardeners alike will love this new hybrid nantes carrot for its resistance to breaking and tolerance of very late harvests. The roots are smooth and bright orange, growing to 18-22cm (7-9") in length. The tops are upright and strongly attached. Volcano carrot seeds have a high resistance to Alternaria, and intermediate resistance to Cavity Spot. Be sure to keep the carrot bed good and moist during the slow germination period, and then water as evenly as possible to prevent cracking. Loose soil and careful spacing are critical to growing perfectly straight, well formed roots. Read more on How to Grow Carrots.

Matures in 130-140 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Best for late and very late harvests
    • Strong tops
    • High resistance to Alternaria
    • Matures in 130-140 days
    • Hybrid seeds
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