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Seeds | Calendula Indian Prince

Seeds | Calendula Indian Prince

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Calendula officinalis. Noted for its doubled double row of flower petals, Indian Prince Calendula has a bright golden colour on its surface. The bottom of each petal is a darker orange, so it takes on a unique two-tone effect viewed from the side. The petals are edible, with quite a mild flavour, so they add visual pop to recipes without effecting the overall taste. This unusual annual reaches a height of 60cm (24"), and blooms from early summer right into late August if spent flowers are removed. Try it in containers or any flower bed in full sun to partial shade. It looks grand in mass plantings. In the right setting, this plant may self-sow and return again the following year.


    • Edible flower petals
    • Mild flavour
    • Double flowers
    • Height to 60cm (24")


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