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Nina Designs

Nina Designs | Cactus Earrings

Nina Designs | Cactus Earrings

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The floral lovers, gardeners, and cowgirls in your life will be delighted by these cactus earrings striped detail. Nothing boasts love of the Southwest like the Saguaro cactus.

We all know what a cactus is, but there is a lot more to it than just something that's prickly. Cacti thrive in the harshest of conditions, require little water and care, and yet all cactus boast unbelievably beautiful blossoms. They're incredibly diverse, having developed very specialized structures in order to survive harsh conditions. In terms of symbolic meaning, the cactus represents endurance, the beauty of being different, and longevity. •

Available in Sterling Silver. Made from Recycled Silver.

Bronze oxidizes naturally over time.  Moisture under rings can accelerate the process and cause skin discoloration. We recommend removing bronze jewelry before washing hands and showering.

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