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Aquascaping + Terrarium Tools

Aquascaping + Terrarium Tools

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Made of durable stainless steel material with excellent flexibility. The ridged handle will provide secure, comfortable grips on your fingers.

Great kit for terrarium building but designed aquascaping.  

Curved Scissor - Gets into hard-to-reach places and mows down foreground plants or trim those overgrown aquatic plants.

Straight Scissor- Precisely cut the plants with the angle you want

Substrate Spatula - Create smooth substrate slopes and terraces after trimming your plants.

Straight Tweezer - Securely grasp your items during maintenance and setup

Curved Tweezer - Plant your live aquatic plants with comfort and ease

3 in 1 Includes:  Curved Scissor + Substrate Spatula + Straight Tweezer

6 in 1 includes: Curved Scissor+ Straight Scissor + Substrate Spatula +Straight Tweezer + Curved Tweezer+ Wave Scissor

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